Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Forever 21 lands in Uk!

Forever 21 finally opens it door to UK customers. As soon as I read this news at Telegraph (obviously a trustworthy source, I started jumping like crazy. Seriously, I mean I always kept asking my sister (California Woman) to send me this and that and this and that (not to forget the web links) From Forever 21.

Forever 21 at Times Square NYC
I always felt a little left alone as There is a Forever21 in Dubai, UAE and almost everywhere in the world but UK. Why? Well seriously why they never opened up a store in here? Were they really scared of UK market or they were just waiting for ‘ right time’.

Forever 21 Fall 2010 collection on 1970's Folk

Well whatever it was, they surely have made some beautiful young girls like me really very happy at their gorgeous step to open up in UK. Now shipping cost will be cheap and I won’t mind travelling to Birmingham to buy all what I need: P
I am seriously looking forward to a London store, that would be icing on the cake J
Have a look at the online shop girls, www.forever21.com I hope you would go crazy for bargain prices.
P.S : I personally think that the material quality  is better than Primark and they have a widesssssssssst variety of clothing, accessories, and not to forget my love the SHOES!!